Monday, February 22, 2016


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Missouri Botanical Gardens


Mad Science and Shenanigans!
byline by Sarah Witangila
Once again, Soldan's Botany Club introduces "Mad Science”. Soldan is one of the many “devotees of mad science”. Mr. John Lawler, from the Missouri Botanical Garden, visits on Wednesdays and conducts the Botany Club experiments. We know It is very important for us all today to save our population. However, Mr. Lawler said, "It is even way more important for living plants to save their population." This is why “Seed Bank” is presented with such importance. Seed bank was described as a group of seeds that are hiding in soil in one place at the same time, and when there is a hazardous fire, most of these plants are wiped out with no hope of returning. Therefore, it was considered that if these seeds are separated or divided in different areas, there is a possibility that this population will be saved and we will have a chance of having new species of plants,

An example of a plant that might grow from the saved population, is one of the plants that most of us know as native prairie grass. These plants are native to St. Louis, but unfortunately, these beautiful plants have been forced out of what is considered their homes because of city growth. According to scienctists, having seeds hide out, is one of the very uncommon ways, but very important ways to save the seed bank.
Mr. Lawler showed us one of the ways we, can help with these seeds saving processes. This is called "Gorilla Gardening". An example of this is shown here:  
All we did was we put seeds inside clay and top soil, and after we cover with the top and make it into a clay ball, which is shown down here:
 Next  we throw these clay balls in an empty lot or a place where no one mows and when the clay is dry, after a few weeks, the seeds inside the ball they grow and hatch like a baby chicken.  As a result, we have saved several species of plants. How fascinating, and maybe created new species! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Keeping Watch over 21st Century

         Officer Jessica Lang: Loving and Honorable!

At Soldan, we have administrators, faculty, and staff.  One of our staff members is Jessica Lang, more commonly known as Officer Lang.   We are proud to have loving,caring and enjoyable officers of all times in Soldan.
An honorable and right-minded officer, Officer Jessica Lang, revealed to us how joyful and pleased she is to be a member at Soldan's staff. Officer Lang, has been an officer at several schools for 11 years. Moreover,this is her third year at Soldan. Officer Lang is a joyous and loving mother of two, a son who graduated in 2011, from Gateway High, and her daughter Jayla Payne will graduate from Soldan's Class of 2017.   Officer Lang would like to go back to school in order to study sports medicine and become a medical trainer. “ Just like other officers, I enjoy working at Soldan, especially working with the kids. I love every kid at the school and I am very happy to be here and work as an officer.” Officer Lang enjoys keeping the Tigers safe.  She helps each evening get after school students on the buses and each day either man's the Security desk or helps in the halls to keep Soldan safe. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Football is over and Jaylin Bohannon waits for BB to Begin

Senior Jaylen Bohannon

Football is over and Jaylen Bohannon shares something with Soldan News about himself.  Jaylen has been a Soldan Tiger for four years and played tight end, running back, and a wide receiver.  He likes playing defensive end best and that is definitely where he excels.  Jaylen is a senior and wants to go out-of-state to college.  He plans to major in Physical Therapy and play football in college and maybe beyond.
Jaylen's advice to up-and-coming football players:  "I put my soul into every play .  This game is not for the weak-hearted.  I love to compete and you have to love the sport to succeed. “Once the whistle blows everything outside those gates doesn't matter."